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Welcome to the practice of  SIMCARE PLLC Sugar Land, the practice of board certified internal medicine physicians Dr. Nadia H Abbasi &  Dr. Tahir. We thank you for selecting us to serve medical & healthcare needs. Comprehensive, coordinated, ongoing medical care. It’s a long-term relationship with a physician who cares about you and your health. From annual checkups and sports physicals to screenings, we can meet all your physician’s needs.

The doctors who practice internal medicines are the specialists who use their medical expertise to diagnose, treat and take care of people covering the entire zone of illness and health. They are also known as internists. We cannot get confused by the term internist with “intern.” Internists can be referred to as the doctor’s doctor as they are often called upon as consultants to the physicians and discuss the diagnostic problems.  

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Sugar Land internal medicine
Internal medicine physician
Sugar Land internal medicine

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Benefits of Seeing a Doctor Who Practices Internal Medicine.

An internist completes intensive training, which lasts up to seven years. These seven years learn how to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults in three years. They get qualified with this introductory study of internal medicine. After finishing the training, they are referred to internists or doctors.

We provide primary care for adults in Sugar Land clinic, including preventative medicine, physicals, promotion of women’s health, and much more-

Definitive diagnosis:

 A patient might have a wide range of potential diseases, and there are also general internal medicine doctors to deal with them. But in most cases, internal medicine doctors determine to specialize in a sub-area, such as cardiology or gastroenterology, immunology, and other areas like this. They also appropriately communicate with each other and refer patients to the right specialty if needed.

Eventually, all the patients who get treated establish a good relationship with the doctors, get the diagnosis of the symptoms they are having and trust the recommended treatment.


Sugar Land Physicians For Preventive care:

Doctors who practice internal medicine diagnose patients experiencing symptoms of illness and treat them with the best ability they have. Our Sugar Land Physicians deal with the prevention of the diseases as well. If individuals are at risk of having a disease, they can visit an internal medicine doctor and achieve a prevention plan by discussing it.

Effectual treatment:

Besides other benefits aside from an individual, an individual receives the most effective treatment possible by visiting the doctor. Internal medicine doctors go through intensive training of seven years and specialize in a specific area, making them capable of diagnosing and providing effective treatment to the patient. The general or family doctor might not diagnose the disease correctly, but an internal medicine doctor is very experienced in this field.  For detail conultation, you can call us or visit our clinic at 2225 Williams Trace Blvd #110, Sugar Land, TX 77478   to meet with our Sugar Land Family Physicians today.


Quality communication:

Treating a patient is not about giving the medicine and diagnosing diseases only; it’s about establishing a good relationship and keeping honest communication. A patient has to trust the doctor to follow the treatment properly. The doctors also have responsibilities to patients for answering their questions and addressing their concerns adequately. Sugar land internal medicine doctors at SIMCARE can also help the patient if they need another internist specializing in other areas.

It is advised to look for referrals before choosing an internal medicine doctor from friends and family. We can also visit the doctor for consultation, and it will also help us a lot to find out if the doctor meets our basic preferences. 

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Internist  in Sugar Land, TX.

We specialize in management and after care of not only lifestyle diseases and disorders, i.e. Hypertension, Diabetes, Bronchial Asthma, Obesity etc. but also Chronic Ailments, Immunity Disorders, Multisystem Diseases, Metabolic Diseases, Haematological or blood related problems. We take pride in promoting preventive health, weight and diet management along stress control, which are the cause for major of health issues.

Our clinical programs include comprehensive care for adults with chronic problems and acute illness. Sugar Land internal medicine doctors collaborate with other specialist healthcare providers to improve the health of our patients.

Regardless of the condition of the patient, our team of skillful doctors earnestly tries to make you feel better at every level. Patient education is also an important part for them. They take all steps necessary to educate the patients about prevention and the promotion of health, women’s health, substance abuse, mental health, as well as effective treatment of generic issues of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs. Our doctors take pride in building sound relationships based on trust and good communication with the patients.

Quality healthcare service in Sugar Land, TX that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 Our mission is to provide patient-centric excellent care, along with the expertise of physicians in order to wholly treat a sick person. At our SIMCARE, Internal Medicine care at Sugar Land TX, we invest our efforts, time, and expertise to help patients diagnose and treat various types of diseases. Our physician specializes in the maintenance of an adult’s long-term wellness. Sugar land internal medicine doctors provide not just therapeutic treatments, but also preventive care, and counselling on the modification of one’s lifestyle. At SIMCARE, the team of doctors and researchers is completely in synchronization with technological advancements and research. We are conveniently located at 2225 Williams Trace Blvd #110, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

Internal Medicine Physician
Board certified physician sugar Land

Why SIMCARE in Sugar Land, TX.

  • Special Training in Senior and Elderly Care.
  • Internal medicine doctors, also called internists, work with you to ensure you live a healthy life.
  • In addition to preventive care and health maintenance for both women and men, our internal medicine doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions that impact the lives of adults.
  •  Our expertise and high volume allow us to manage routine and complex care effectively.
  •  Our sugar land internal medicine doctors have undergone additional training in geriatrics, a subset of primary care that focuses on the later years.

Sugar Land Internal Medicine Physician For Adult Primary Care 

Hypertension:  Hypertension has become very much common in recent times.  Suddenly you feel high blood pressure, or simply feel anxiety because of your blood pressure.

To diagnose hypertension, our sugar land internal medicine doctors ask you question about your health and check your family background to know the proper roots and stage of your illness then examine your body and prescribes medicine.

Allergies: Allergy is very common among kids, adults, and seniors. It includes a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and cough. There are different types of allergies such as food allergies, dust allergies, pet allergies, insect allergies, and so on.

If you are suffering from an allergy, you should consult with a physician as soon as possible. They will ask you a few questions and give you certain tests to figure out the reason for the allergy then prescribe effective medicine and lifestyle to diagnose the allergy.

Asthma: There is no permanent cure for asthma but proper treatment can help you to lead a healthy and normal life. Our physician will give you inhalers after seeing your asthma condition.

Cold, flu:  People of every age suffer from seasonal flu, fever, and cough in a certain period. If you are suffering from an irritating cough or flu for a few days, you should be seen by a physician. Our sugar land internal medicine doctors will prescribe medicine and antibiotics to fight with bacteria that cause the flu.

Gastroesophageal reflux:  It is commonly known as GERD. When stomach acid continuously flows from the stomach to the food pipe, we call it GERD disease. This is also very common and preventive. It causes due to irregular food habits, too much oil consumption, and even stress.

Primary care physicians treat this disorder by prescribing proper medicine and suggesting diet and healthy lifestyles. Sometimes if it is too acute to get relief by medicine, surgery will be needed.

Vaccination and immunization: To prevent disease, we offer vaccination and immunization programs.

Developmental disorders: Many children around the world are suffering from developmental disabilities that can hamper children’s behavioral and cognitive areas. If your children or siblings are suffering from these issues, you should consult with a primary care physician.

Our sugar land internal medicine doctors will provide proper counseling, medication, and therapy to help them lead a normal and acceptable life.

Sinusitis: Also known as a sinus infection, sinusitis can be irritating and painful and may require you to find a primary care physician. Perhaps you have a cold that’s still bothering you after weeks, or you have sinus pain and pressure. We can help treat your sinus infection right on the spot.

Sore throat: Sore throat is also a common disease caused by either bacteria or viruses. If you feel pain, irritation, and scratchiness when you swallow, this is called sore throat. If this problem can not be solved with home remedies and last for 2 days, we recommend you visit a primary care physician.

Our physician will diagnose these issues by providing effective medication to get relief from this irritating disorder.

Rashes: Rash is a very common skin disease. Rashes are often irritating itchy, and painful and can be seen differently in color in different skins. It may occur from foods, drugs, water, dust, baby diapers, and so many allergic issues.

If you are facing this issue, you should pay a visit to a primary care physician. Our physician asks you questions, may give you blood tests or any other test to find out the roots of rashes, and then prescribe you medicine.

Women’s health care: Women are very vulnerable to developing diseases. Certain types of diseases like breast cancer, post-pregnancy depression, ovarian and cervical cancer, menstrual cramp, and urine infection especially happen to women. So, when it comes to women’s health, special attention should be given.

We have the best gynecologist to treat women.

Many more……like diarrhea, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, wellness, well-child exams, men’s health care needs…..and so on……

Extreme illness and injury care

Sprains and strains. Sprains and strains are common injuries affecting the muscles and ligaments. It’s likely to be a sprain or strain if you have pain, tenderness, or weakness around your ankle, foot, wrist, thumb, knee, leg, or back even if the injured area is swollen or bruised. If proper rest and ice don’t help you to heal, you should visit a primary health care physician. We have the best physicians who can best treat your sprains and strains.

Low back pain.  Many people suffer from low back pain which is a common disorder involving the muscles, nerves, and bones of the back. If proper rest and exercise at home do not help you,  primary care physicians are here to treat and diagnose your pain.

Chronic conditions

Chronic disorder is any kind of physical and mental sickness that lasts for a longer period, especially for 3 months and above. They grow mild symptoms at first and if they are not managed, they may be acute and even lead to death. Most common chronic disorders include diabetes, AIDS, cancer, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, and so many others. If you are suffering from a long-term chronic disorder, you should pay a visit to a primary care physician. Our sugar land internal medicine doctors first observes the conditions of your health and sickness because treatment depends on the underlying problems you deal with. Our physician can give you the proper solution for every chronic disease so that you can better manage them.


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